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What Is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi consists of slow gentle movements that bring about a relaxed state of mind and body. Regular practice strengthens the legs, improves balance and increases qi (internal energy).

Tai Chi is both relaxing and energizing, bringing about a feeling of wellbeing.

About Us

About Us

All classes are taught by teachers trained by the Tai Chi Foundation (TCF), an international school with branches around the US and in Europe. Teaching is done in teams of two or more teachers so there is always someone to follow. The precise method of the TCF emphasizes principles of movement that make it easy to learn the tai chi form.

The School of Tai Chi Chuan Los Angeles was founded by Margaret Olmsted,

a senior teacher and Legacy Holder of the Tai Chi Foundation.

School of Tai Chi Chuan Los Angeles Practice Space
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STCC LA Push Hands


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Margaret Olmsted

Margaret, a legacy holder for the Tai Chi Foundation, has been studying and practicing tai chi for over 45 years and teaches all over the country. Margaret teaches the tai chi form, qigong, push hands and sword to students of all ages and also teaches privately.

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Nicholas Courtland

Nicholas is a teacher in training with the Tai Chi Foundation and has been studying and practicing for over 15 years.

Current In Person
Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Beginner's Class (B2)

Learning the tai chi form. For students who have learned B1, the first third of the form. 

Saturday mornings, 10:45am PT


Starts June 2024

Enrollment is open for several weeks. 


12 classes, $225.

Push Hands I Class

For students who have learned the whole form and gone through the Fundamentals Class.  An introduction to the two-person exercise of Push Hands.  Emphasis on developing root, and a deeper awareness of the foot and internal straightness.

Saturdays 9:30-10:30am PT


10 Classes, $200


Current Online
Class Schedule

Qigong for Relaxation and Centering

A free drop-in class for beginners to advanced students.


The class consists of qigong and tai chi positions, movements and self-massages for generating and circulating qi (energy), improving health and harmonizing with the season. 

Tuesday and/or Thursday at

9:30 am PT

Summer Residential
Tai Chi Retreats

An opportunity to study tai chi, qigong, Hawaiian Swimming and more in beautiful relaxed locations.

Join us at Hotchkiss School in Connecticut June 17-24, Whidbey Institute in Washington July 15-21 or Dean Close School in Cheltenham, England August 12-18.

Visit for more details.

Tai Chi Wisdom

Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi: What You Need To Know

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Learn More About The

Tai Chi Foundation


The Health Benefits of

Tai Chi

Rock Balancing




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